Iron Man 2

Lithium Dioxide….Ugh!! Why do I know what that is!!!???!!!

It was pretty good! I mean I liked the first one better but this one i think was more focused on character and story building than action and awsomeness…but it was still good…i hate that they changed the actor for Rhody (is that how you spell the black best friend’s name???)….its sooo annoying when they change actors in the middle of a series…stupid!!! but i loved the sneak preview of Thor at the end!! It was awesome!! I’m excited!!! 😀

Iron Man 2 you can Watch at Home….unless you wanna go see it in IMAX…which I haven’t yet…

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When in Rome

The film opened nationwide on January 29,2010.

When in Rome

Starring: Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel       

Directed by: Mark Johnson       Screenplay by: David Diamond and David Weissman       Produced by: John Bailey

a Romantic Comedy     91 Minutes       PG-13

February 27, 2010 – Pacific Theaters 5 :00 pm

This movie was cute….It was definitely very predictable but it was light-hearted and funny…my favorite part about this movie was definitely Josh Duhamel…i mean he is pretty gosh darn FINE looking! I would recommend that if you want to see this movie, it’s not worth going to theaters…just see it at home…watch when your feeling down (as long as it’s not because of love problems)…

The thing about this movie that bugged me is that the guy who plays Napoleon Dynamite was in it…he’s the magician who falls for Beth…I really don’t like him…he annoys me a lot…and I just didn’t like that he was in it…his voice is sooo annoying…he just bugs me…an he ruined all the parts of the movie he was in for me…

But…other than that…it was really cute and romantic…with a cheesy happy ending…just what you want in a romantic comedy…

I definitely say it is a Watch at Home

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Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

 The film opened nationwide on February 12, 2010.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

Starring: Logan Lerman, Brandon T. Jackson, Alexandra Daddario

Directed by: Chris Columbus       Screenplay by: Craig Titley       Produced by: Michael Barnathan       Based on the Novel by: Rick Riordan

a Fantasy Adventure       118 minutes       PG   

February 14, 2010 – Century Stadium 16 7:00 pm

Considering that Chris Columbus also directed some of the Harry Potter movies….I was expecting him to do a pretty good job at staying true to these books…of course I read the whole series of books before I went to see the movie…and they did an okay job…I mean ignore the books it was a fantabulous movie…but they didn’t stay very true to the books…but they did an okay job…it translated as well as it could have I supose…but overall it was a very good movie….

It was funny…had that hint of romance…a cute leading guy (who is a few months older than me 😀 )…I am very much soooo looking forward to the rest of the series coming out also….hopefully they make the rest into movies…if they don’t i will be very disappointed…I liked the cast very much…they did a good job casting…though Annabeth was supposed to have curly blonde hair…and Grover definitely wasn’t black…but I liked the way the actors portrayed them…I especially like that they casted Kevin McKidd as Poseidon…I really like Kevin McKidd…and also how they casted Sean Bean as Zeus…they did a fantabulous job with the casting of the gods…I have zero complaints there…and Percy…I really like the guy they cast as Percy…he was definitely soft on the eyes 😉

I definitely say it is a Watch at Home

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