When in Rome

The film opened nationwide on January 29,2010.

When in Rome

Starring: Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel       

Directed by: Mark Johnson       Screenplay by: David Diamond and David Weissman       Produced by: John Bailey

a Romantic Comedy     91 Minutes       PG-13

February 27, 2010 – Pacific Theaters 5 :00 pm

This movie was cute….It was definitely very predictable but it was light-hearted and funny…my favorite part about this movie was definitely Josh Duhamel…i mean he is pretty gosh darn FINE looking! I would recommend that if you want to see this movie, it’s not worth going to theaters…just see it at home…watch when your feeling down (as long as it’s not because of love problems)…

The thing about this movie that bugged me is that the guy who plays Napoleon Dynamite was in it…he’s the magician who falls for Beth…I really don’t like him…he annoys me a lot…and I just didn’t like that he was in it…his voice is sooo annoying…he just bugs me…an he ruined all the parts of the movie he was in for me…

But…other than that…it was really cute and romantic…with a cheesy happy ending…just what you want in a romantic comedy…

I definitely say it is a Watch at Home

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