Shutter Island

Some places never let you go…

The film opened nationwide on February 19, 2010.

Shutter Island

Starring Leonardo Dicaprio and Mark Ruffalo

Directed/Produced by: Martin Scorsese       Screenplay by : Laeta Kalogridis       Produced by: Mike Medavoy, Arnold w. Messer, Bradley J. Fischer       Based on the Book by: Dennis Lehane

a Dramatic Mystery/Thriller       138 minutes       R

February 19, 2010 – Edwards Camarill0 12 and IMAX  7:10 pm

Before I saw this movie I read the book…which is normally a HUGE mistake because the movies never live up to the books…however, with Shutter Island I was delightfully suprised…they stayed soooooo true to the book…the most true I’ve ever seen a movie be to it’s book…they may have left out maybe two unimportant things and added a few minor ones…

THIS MOVIE ROCKED!!! It was amazing! It was suspenseful and kept you guessing the whole time…with an awesome twist ending that you will never see coming in a million years! This movie (and the book before it) has driven me crazy with trying to figure out the twist ending! It was not really scary as I had expected, though there were a few parts that made me jump. Everything about this movie says blockbuster hit…and I definitely didn’t mind watching Leo on a screen for 2:30 hrs…hehe

I definately say it is a Must See!

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